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Summary: How to decline a job offer:
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When you decide to reject a job offer, it is a good idea to let the employer know as soon as possible. Nowadays, many employers are relaying job offers via email. As such, it is perfectly appropriate to respond to the offer over email, even if you have decided not to accept the offer.
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Declining an Accepted Job Offer: How to Do It Gracefully declining a job offer
While these are all justifiable reasons to decline a job offer, you should not include them in your rejection letter. It is sufficient to say that you’ve accepted a job offer elsewhere or simply that this job offer isn’t the right fit for you and your career. Consider offering to stay in touch
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How to turn down a job offer Start by being straightforward and honest in your message. Thank the hiring manager for their time, and provide your reason for declining without being overly specific. Be succinct and forthright in your response and, if appropriate, offer to stay in touch.
How to Decline a Job Offer: A Guide to Turning Down Jobs
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How to Decline a Job Offer - 5 Tips to Do It Gracefully
Declining a job offer is not burning a bridge, and you don’t need to treat that way. In a few years, maybe an opportunity will open up at this company that lines up perfectly with your career goals and what you enjoy. To prepare for that possibility, you will definitely want to …
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